Monday, July 24, 2017

Show 379 "What I Love"


1. Senyaka - Don't Judge Me Bad [Rush Hour]
2. Above Smoke - Deep into the light [Deep Explorer Music]
3. Frank & Tony - This Time (with DaRand Land) [Scissor and Thread]
4. Tobetsa Lamola - Night Fall [OHYEA MUZIQ]
5. Deep88 & Melchior Sultana- Grand Piano M1 [Deep ArtSounds]
6. Denis Clifford [Producer] - Easter Island [Bumako]
7. Mo He aka Monosoul - Hot Concrete [Tieffrequent]
8. LK - Angel [Shall Not Fade]
9. Kat La Kat - Phenomena [Swedish Brandy Productions]
10. Vincent Floyd - Morning Storm [Pulp]
11. The Rurals - Tambo [Peng]
12. DaRand Land - Mellow-ism [Saft / Pulp]
13. Tania Walcott (Prod by Muskidd & Myazisto ZA) - Rumours of Pain [Deep Inspiration Show Records]
14. Siggatunez - Neighbourhood [Tieffrequent Signature Series]
15. Jenifa Mayanja - Warrior Strutt [Soundwarrior]
16. Jesus Gonsev - Unlimited Sky (Patrice Scott Remix) [deepArtSounds]
17. Dino Paniele - berry boat (bastardo extension) [Balearic Blah Blah]

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  1. Playlist I really need that last track Classic

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